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Orc Scouting Band (1U270) is a Sauron Minion from the Fellowship of the Ring set.

Collection Info
Title Orc Scouting Band
Unique No
Collectible Yes
Set 1 - The Fellowship of the Ring
Rarity U - Uncommon
Card Number 270
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Sauron
Side Shadow
Card Type Minion
Race Orc
Twilight Cost 3
Strength 8
Vitality 2
Site Number 6
Game Text Tracker.

The roaming penalty for each minion you play is -1.

Skirmish: Exert this minion to wound a character it is skirmishing.

Lore The cunning Ambushes of the Orc armies rely upon scouts first finding the enemy.
DE - German
Card Name Ork Spähtrupp
Game Text Spurenleser.

Die Strafkosten für wandernde Diener, die du spielst, werden um 1 reduziert. Kampf Strenge diesen Diener an, um einen Charakter, den er bekämpft, zu verwunden.

Lore Die geschickt gelegten Hinterhalte der Orks basieren darauf, dass Späher zuerst den Feind entdecken.
ES - Spanish
Card Name Partida de Orcos
Game Text Rastreador. La penalización por vagar de cada siervo que tu juegues es -1.

Escaramuza: Esfuerza este siervo para herir un personaje que este en una escaramuza contra él.

Lore Las astutas emboscadas de los ejércitos Orcos dependen en los exploradores que encuentran al enemigo.
FR - French
Card Name Éclaireurs Orques
Game Text Traqueur.

La pénalité d’errance pour chaque séide que vous jouez est de -1. Combat : Affaiblissez ce séide pour blesser un personnage qu’il combat.

Lore Les embuscades sournoises des armées Orques dépendent principalement d'éclaireurs capables de repérer l'ennemi.
IT - Italian
Card Name Pattuglia di Orchi
Game Text Inseguitore.

Sottrai -1 alla penalità per vagare di ogni servitore che giochi.

PL - Polish
PT - Portuguese
ZH - Chinese

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN01S270.0
GEMP ID 1_270
LOTRO Hex ID 4E 34 F4
LOTRO Image ID 01_270


Generic wounding Orc minion, the Orc Scouting Band, like Orc Soldier, Orc Hunters, and Orc War Band, contains the exert-to-wound skirmish special ability. These minions play best in the "Sauron Grind" Shadow, with support area conditions like Under the Watching Eye and Orc Bowmen causing uncomfortable assignment match-ups. The skirmish special ability allows for the Shadow player to place a wound on a free peoples character even when matched against a much stronger companion, and saves the Shadow player deck space, as the game text is effectively a built-in Mordor's Strength.

As with most Sauron minions, the high site number and roaming penalty can be cost-restrictive, although Orc Scouting Band, along with other [sauron] trackers, reduces the roaming penalty for further Sauron Orcs played. Orc Scouting Band can be recovered from the discard pile via Tol Brandir.

With skirmish phase game text, Orc Soldier, Orc Scouting Band, and Orc War Band can be countered by pre-skirmish wounding such as Quick As May Be or Legolas, Greenleaf; however, [Sauron] grind support offers powerful pre-skirmish wounding cards such as Hate.

In the Movie Block format, Gothmog's Warg can increase the vitality of these exert-to-wound minions, making assignment match-ups even more difficult for the Free Peoples player.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strong Versus...[edit]

  • Natural fit in [Sauron] Grind deck
  • Best played with site-reducing Battle of Helms Deep Expansion Orcs, such as Grishnakh, Orc Captain and Orc Patrol
  • Exhausted companions, even those with higher base strengths

Weak Versus...[edit]

  • Armor or wound prevention
  • [Rohan] Mounts and Shadowfax
  • Pre-skirmish wounding
  • Roaming punishments

See Also[edit]


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Shadow Draw Deck: 1x The Balrog, Durin's Bane 4x Orc Ambusher 4x Orc Assassin 4x Orc Scouting Band 4x Orc Soldier 2x Tower Assassin 2x Úlairë Enquëa, Lieutenant of Morgul 1x Úlairë Nertëa, Messenger of Dol Guldur 4x Hate 4x Orc Bowmen 1x Our List of Allies Grows Thin 2x Spies of Mordor 4x Under the Watching Eye 3x You Bring Great Evil