Gimli, Dwarf of Erebor (1U12)

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Gimli, Dwarf of Erebor (1U12) is a Dwarven Companion from the Fellowship of the Ring set.

Collection Info
Title Gimli
Subtitle Dwarf of Erebor
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Notes Game text is an erratum.
Set 1 - The Fellowship of the Ring
Rarity U - Uncommon
Card Number 12
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Dwarven
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Companion
Race Dwarf
Twilight Cost 2
Strength 6
Vitality 3
Signet Aragorn
Game Text Damage +1.

Fellowship: Add to place a card from hand beneath your draw deck.

Lore “Gimli now walked ahead by the wizard's side, so eager was he to come to Moria.”
DE - German

Game Text Schaden +1.

Gemeinschaft. Wenn der Einfluss weniger als beträgt, kannst du ihn um 2 erhöhen, um eine Karte aus deiner Hand unter dein Spieldeck zu legen.

Lore Gimli ging jetzt mit dem Zauberer voraus, so begierig war er, nach Moria zu kommen.
ES - Spanish

Game Text Daño +1.

Comunidad: Añade para poner una carta de tu mano bajo tu mazo de robar.

Lore “Gimli caminaba ahora delante junto al mago, tan ansioso estaba de llegar a Moria.”
FR - French

Game Text Dégâts +1.

Compagnie : Si la réserve crépusculaire a moins se ¥ points crépusculaires, ajoutez pour placer une carte de votre main sous votre pioche.

Lore “Gimli marchait à présent en tête à côté du magicien, tant il était impatient d'arriver dans la Moria.”
IT - Italian

Game Text Danno +1.

Compagnia: Se la zona del crepuscolo, aggiungi . ¥ per mettere una carta dalla tua mano in fondo al mazzo.

PL - Polish
PT - Portuguese
ZH - Chinese

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN01S012.0
GEMP ID 1_12
LOTRO Hex ID 4C 24 F4
LOTRO Image ID 01_012


This Gimli acts as essentially a poor-man's Gandalf's Cart for saving cards you've drawn too early but aren't essential to your strategy (Shield of Boromir before its owner, for example). This should of course not be used for essential cards (Aragorn's Bow, Horn of Boromir), but has the advantage of being able to save large Shadow minions for later (The Balrog being an excellent example, as you have no need to keep him around in Fellowship block with The Bridge of Khazad-Dum being a reliable source of drawing it again).

He has a slight survival advantadge over his counterparts Son of Gloin and Dwarf of the Mountain Race: his Aragorn signet allows Aragorn King in Exile to heal him, which is something to consider given the lack of solid [Dwarven] healing cards (in FOTR block they only have Dwarven Heart, Still Draws Breath, Mines of Khazad-Dum and A Royal Welcome in their own culture).

Gimli, Dwarf of Erebor is usually used as a splash companion in other culture's decks for his cycling abilities; in a dedicated Dwarf deck Gimli, Son of Gloin is usually a better choice for his guaranteed skirmish boosting.


From the Current Rulings Document - March 2004:

Erratum: Damage +1. Fellowship: If the twilight pool has fewer than 2 twilight tokens, add [2] to place a card from hand beneath your draw deck.

Alternate Personas[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Gimli, Son of Gloin (1R13) Damage +1.

Skirmish: Exert Gimli to make him strength +2.

Gimli, Dwarf of the Mountain-race (2P121) Damage +1.

Each underground site's Shadow number is -2.

Gimli, Lockbearer (4R48) Damage +1.

Gimli is strength +1 for each unbound Hobbit companion you can spot.

Gimli, Unbidden Guest (4C49) Damage +1.

Skirmish: Exert Gimli to make an unbound companion strength +1 (or +2 if that companion is Legolas).

Gimli, Skilled Defender (5R7) Damage +1.

Each time Gimli wins a skirmish, you may wound a minion assigned to skirmish an unbound companion.

Gimli, Faithful Companion (7C6) Damage +1.

While you have initiative, Gimli is strength +2.

Gimli, Feared Axeman (7R7) Damage +1.

Response: If a condition is about to be discarded by an opponent, exert a Dwarf or discard a card from hand to prevent that.

Gimli, Counter of Foes (8C5) Damage +1.

For each wound on Gimli, he is strength +1 and damage +1.

Gimli, Bearer of Grudges (9R+4) Damage +1.

While Gimli is the Ring-bearer, at the start of each skirmish involving him, add 2 burdens or 2 threats.

While Gimli is damage +X, he is resistance +X.

Gimli, Lively Combatant (11U8) Damage +1. Each time Gimli wins a skirmish, you may draw a card.
Gimli, Lord of the Glittering Caves (13R5) Damage +1.

Gimli is strength +1 for each minion assigned to a skirmish.

Assignment: Exert Gimli and spot a lurker minion to make that minion lose lurker until the regroup phase.

Gimli, Eager Hunter (15C5) Damage +1. Hunter 3. (While skirmishing a non-hunter character, this character is strength +3.)
Gimli, Sprinter (18R1) Damage +1. Hunter 1 (While skirmishing a non-hunter character, this character is strength +1.)

Each time Gimli wins a skirmish, you may add a threat to wound a minion (or wound a hunter minion twice).

Gimli, Opinionated Guide (19P2) Damage +1. Fellowship.

Each time you play a possession, you may draw a card.

Gimli, Dwarven Delegate (0P62) Damage +1.
Gimli, Vengeful Naugrim (V1_3) Damage +1.

While Gimli bears 2 items, he is strength +2.

While Gimli bears 3 items, he is damage +1.