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As a card from the Realms of the Elf-Lords set, Data:The Palantir of Orthanc (3R67) was primarily gained through [standard booster packs | as a card in the XXX starter deck | direct purchase from the XXX product | explanation of promotional distribution], or sometimes as [a random rare in a starter deck]. It is a [brief description of usage], so its demand is [enormous | relatively high | average | relatively low | nonexistent].

  • As a Rare, The Palantir of Orthanc has a 1 in 40 (~2.5%) chance of being present in any RotEL booster pack, and a 3 in 40 (~7.5%) chance of being in any RotEL starter deck.
  • Foil versions of Movie-era Rare cards were randomly selected to be inserted into booster packs at a rate of 1 out of 26 packs (~3.8% of packs). This means any given RotEL booster pack had a 1 in 3,146 (~0.096%) chance of containing a foil The Palantir of Orthanc.
  • Realms of the Elf-lords was printed (both standard and foil) in 5 languages other than English: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Polish.

All known card variants (including those listed above) are below:

Card Image Identifier Notes
English • Nonfoil
English • Nonfoil Two main issues with this Palantir: first, it interacts negatively with initiative, and second it slows the game down tremendously while your trolling opponent puts all of your cards back on top of the deck one at a time.

The cost of the action has been increased to 2, and you now must have 2 Isengard minions to even use it. This should avoid most initiative-sensitive manipulations, since Isengard themselves only have <span class="tooltip">Suffered Much Loss&nbsp;(10U35)START_WIDGET"'-cf6e300ffc98749fEND_WIDGET</span>, which is itself expensive. If some game-breaking combo is discovered, however, we'll be back to show this crystal ball who's boss. Decipher Notes:

The Palantir of Orthanc – Many people have been calling for this to be added to the X-list for months. In fact, it was highly rumored that it would be added last fall in anticipation of Return of the King and the Initiative mechanic. Why add it now and not then?

Trevor: The Palantir just offered a huge level of control for a player. They were able to control the tempo of the game for their opponent and that is not a good thing. There are a few Initiative strategies out there than can abuse the Palantir and that is something we really want to curb.

What strategies do you think this will open up for the Free Peoples?

Geoff: Supposedly, events will become more playable…so that means event-driven strategies like PATHS Hobbits, all-Dwarven fighting, and All-elven fighting will get a bit of a boost.

Tom: It should free up their ability to include a few more events in their decks. That should open up deck building a little bit, but it is really up to the players to explore exactly what that means.

Trevor: I agree that it should really open deck construction for the Free Peoples player. Not having to worry about the Palantir will be a nice change when building a deck.

English • Foil
German • Nonfoil
German • Foil
French • Nonfoil
French • Foil
Italian • Nonfoil
Italian • Foil
Spanish • Nonfoil
Spanish • Foil
Polish • Nonfoil
Polish • Foil