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As a card from the Shadows set, Data:Mere of Dead Faces (11U246) was primarily gained through [standard booster packs | as a card in the XXX starter deck | direct purchase from the XXX product | explanation of promotional distribution], or sometimes as [a random rare in a starter deck]. It is a [brief description of usage], so its demand is [enormous | relatively high | average | relatively low | nonexistent].

  • As an Uncommon, Mere of Dead Faces has a 1 in 20 (~5.0%) chance of being in any Sh booster pack.
  • Shadows was printed in 3 languages other than English: German, French, and Italian.

All known card variants (including those listed above) are below:

Card Image Identifier Notes
English • Nonfoil
German • Nonfoil
French • Nonfoil
Italian • Nonfoil