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The *.txt file format is used by the mLOTRO program. This format is as simple as it gets, as it's just comma-separated list of numbers that correspond to specific cards in the application. However, this means that without a decoding table, it's impossible to find out what each number represents (except some general properties like language or foil status).

A sample deck (LOTRO The Two Towers Aragorn Starter) is given below:


The order of the card identifiers does not matter, nor the number of lines they are written in. The application saves sites in separate line when saving to file, but uses a single line when copying to clipboard. This is what constitutes a deck in "raw" format, and it can be pasted directly into mLOTRO's deck builder using the appropriate menu option.

Unrecognized values are silently ignored, this includes cards invalid in given circumstances (for example an online-only cards will not load in physical collection deckbuilder).

Current mLOTRO card id table: mlotro_card_ids_20210930.xlsx

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