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Uruk Rear Guard (4C191)
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Uruk Runner (4C193)

As a card from the The Two Towers set, Data:Uruk Regular (4C192) was primarily gained through [standard booster packs | as a card in the XXX starter deck | direct purchase from the XXX product | explanation of promotional distribution], or sometimes as [a random rare in a starter deck]. It is a [brief description of usage], so its demand is [enormous | relatively high | average | relatively low | nonexistent].

  • As a Common, Uruk Regular has a 7 in 121 (~5.8%) chance of being in any TTT booster pack.
  • Foil versions of Movie-era Common cards were randomly selected to be inserted into booster packs at a rate of 1 out of 13 packs (~7.7% of packs). This means any given TTT booster pack had a 1 in 1,573 (~0.064%) chance of containing a foil Uruk Regular.
  • The Two Towers was printed (both standard and foil) in 3 languages other than English: German, French, and Italian.

All known card variants (including those listed above) are below:

Card Image Identifier Notes
English • Nonfoil
English • Nonfoil Based on what we can scrounge up from old forum posts, Uruk Regular seems to mostly be an issue when paired with <span class="tooltip">Deep of Helm&nbsp;(4U347)START_WIDGET"'-052f3ebfef2a5f0cEND_WIDGET</span>, which when combined with a chain of Regulars could squeeze out just a few too many Uruks on the regular (pun intended).

Decipher removed Uruk Regular from the X-List almost as soon as Deep of Helm was no longer legal, so there must not have been any other scenarios which were particularly abusive. Nonetheless, since we aim to have errata apply to all formats (including Towers), we have applied a -2 limit to the twilight discount, meaning that Regulars are at best compensating for the roaming cost. Decipher Notes: Not found.

English • Foil
German • Nonfoil
German • Foil
French • Nonfoil
French • Foil
Italian • Nonfoil
Italian • Foil
Spanish • Nonfoil
Spanish • Foil